There’s something about stepping foot into a business with clean, fresh-looking carpet and upholstery—it’s a sign that a business means business. If customers step through your doors and the first thing they see are dingy rugs and stained furniture, they tend to believe you are disorganized or lack follow-through. Clients might not return if they have to think twice about taking a seat!

Collin’s Steam Cleaning will help you make that first impression a good, long-lasting one. Whether you need a one-time carpet and upholstery cleaning for your commercial space, or are in search of a scheduled steam cleaning rotation, give Collin a call today. From start to finish, he handles every job personally.

Don’t let dirty rugs affect your business.

Commercial carpets see a high volume of traffic every day. Spring, summer, winter, fall—with each season, the outside comes inside on the feet of your customers and employees. Dirt, mud, grass, leaves, and salt are eventually ground deep down into your carpet, bringing with them odor-causing contaminates that can make breathing unhealthy. Dirty rugs not only affect business and make people ill; they wear much faster, too, leading to expensive replacement costs.

Collin’s Steam Cleaning serves a variety of commercial clients in the area including:

– Stores and Business Offices –
Realtors—for ‘show-ready’ homes –
Apartment Owners—for ‘move-in ready’ apartment spaces –
Post-Construction Carpet Cleaning –

Collin’s Steam Cleaning: Focused on Your Satisfaction!