Upholstery Cleaning

You settle down to watch a movie at the end of a hard week, only to realize your sofa smells like a cross between a gym sock and a dirty dog. So, you get up and spritz the whole thing down with an odor-eliminating product, and although it smells fresher, now it’s damp. Deciding that’s a small price to pay for improved air quality, you lie down on your wet couch and hit “play”…but the freshness doesn’t even last as long as the movie.

Saturday morning you run into town to rent a do-it-yourself upholstery scrubber and spend the entire day and half the night shampooing the furniture. Sunday night, you lie down on the sofa, breathe deeply, and smell shampoo…and the telltale odors of gym socks and a dirty dog.

Bringing Furniture Back to Life with Expert Care

Collin, at Collin’s Steam Cleaning, understands that a well-lived life can get messy over time. Dirt, perspiration, pets, kid spills, etc, work their way into your furniture, leaving behind odors and a dingy appearance, and causing the upholstery to wear faster. With expert care and an eye for detail, Collin will bring your old furniture back to life again. You’ll be surprised to remember how your sofa looked when you first purchased it, and pleased with how much better your entire home smells after having your upholstery steam cleaned.

Collin’s Steam Cleaning has been serving some of the same residential customers for over 20 years. When clients see the results of his work, they often ask to be put on a scheduled cleaning rotation for their carpets and upholstery.

Call today and Collin will breathe new life into your furniture and more relaxation into movie night.